For most people who are not well-versed with Roofing Terminology, they usually think that most structures on the roof are more inclined towards having a more aesthetic function rather than being practical, which is not true. Overhangs, shingles, and crickets are just some of the materials that can easily extend the lifespan of your roof if planned properly. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different uses of crickets and how we can maintain a good chimney system with it.

what is a cricket in roofing

Basically, the main purpose of the cricket is to divert water from the chimney’s base so that it does not seep towards the main structure of the chimney which might cause roof leaking and a considerable amount of water from pouring inside the house’s framework. 

A cricket sometimes called a saddle in different western countries, is a structure that is situated around the elevated side of the chimney. Normally, it is in the same pitch as the roof but not all the time. Crickets are usually made out of metal flashing, however, larger ones are made out of stainless steel, shingles, or even aluminum so it can serve the purpose of reflecting back heat, or even being extra resistant to the effects of rusting.

Crickets and Roofing Terminology Drainage

While being smaller than other parts of the roof, a cricket isn’t something that is overlooked by professional roofing specialists since it is paramount in keeping your house’s Roofing Terminology foundations dry and your eaves away from rotting and mold. Roof crickets are an integral design to almost every architectural design and should not be left out.

Redirecting water from one area of the roof to another can be a challenge, properly planning your crickets, gutters, and downspouts to make sure that your house is dry and away from rotting or molds is another challenge as well. Crickets are known for their V-shaped design that can help divert the flow of water elsewhere. 

Crickets can be made out of different types of materials, but in most cases, it’s made out of metal because of the long-term durability of the material. For most individuals, they would prefer their crickets to have the same color scheme as their shingle Roofing Terminology. 

Owners have to be aware that improperly installing crickets can divert the flow of water elsewhere which can advertently lead to more water buildup.   

Since chimneys are big holes protruding from the roof of your house towards the foundation of your house, it is one of the main sources of roof leakages. As such, it is always paramount to inspect your chimneys for any sort of leaks while also inspecting the 

Why install a cricket?

There are various reasons why homeowners would install a cricket in their roofs.

  1. In most communities, it is a requirement that their roofs should have a cricket, especially if there are chimneys.
  2. If your chimney is located in a down-ward sloping Roofing Terminology which makes it susceptible to rain.
  3. If debris easily gets stuck on your chimney as water flows, it is recommended to install a cricket.
  4. If your chimney is already within the process of degradation and erosion.

Moreover, if rainwater is left to wreak havoc on your roof, this can also cause damage to your shingles which is the primary line of defense against water. If ever shingles are damaged, then water will be able to easily penetrate the inner layer of the roof and cause rotting within the wooden interior or even create molds. Crickets are an integral part of protecting your shingles.

Crickets and water penetration

Shingles and crickets both have the same function of redirecting water, but if one part of the roof is not working properly, then the other part will have a harder time keeping water off the interior of yourRoofing Terminology. When water slides down the roof and reaches your cricket, it will seamlessly flow down the sides of the angles off towards shingles. 

Crickets are especially important during winter was water that might have collected on your chimney could instantly freeze. If water freezes around your chimney, this could lead to ice dams forming. Sure, ice dams don’t seem like a big threat at first since they’ll eventually melt at the end of the season, but while it is there at your roof, it will redirect the flow of water to its formation and it will eventually lead to water penetrating your roof’s interior. 

Think of your roof as if it were an ecosystem of its own; if one part of the ecosystem is not working, then we can’t call it a self-sustaining ecosystem. In this case, a properly placed cricket can help sustain your roof system by appropriately redirecting water towards your shingles and eventually towards your gutters and downspouts. A professional roofing contractor Dallas TX is the best team to get a cricket installed on your roof if you don’t have one already.

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