How Much Overhang for Shingles – Proper Drip Edge Installation

 Shingles Overhang T Edge Install

Shingles and overhangs are integral parts of a roofing system. Sure, there might be roofs that don’t have overhangs or even shingles, but the lifespan of these roofs are severely limited. Another part of the house that we’ll be delving on would be the Shingles Overhang T , which can perform a variety of different functions. Like shingles and overhangs, drip edges have a specific role that performs the same general functions of drop edges; to redirect the flow of water to the appropriate drainage systems. 

should shingles overhang drip edge

Why get a Shingles Overhang T drip edge?

Drip edges perform the following tasks:

  • Once water reaches the fastenings and the foundation of the eaves, this can cause rotting and accelerates decomposition. Drip edges help divert the flow of water from fascias.
  • Deckings tend to have a curved design which can cause water penetration if rainwater is being blown sideways due to strong wind. Drip edges also help redirect the flow of water off deckings.
  • In most cases, the bottom part of roofs is filled