Our 9-Step Roof Replacement Process


A Ready Roofing & Renovation will put up Ready Roofing sign immediately after meeting with your insurance adjuster and our work agreement is in place.  The sign will remain throughout your roof installation marking the site for delivery drivers and installers and notifying other contractors that your roof installation/repair is underway.


The roofing project manager assigned to your job will confirm your shingle selection and color, discuss potential upgrades, implement change orders needed prior to material delivery, and review house-keeping duties and safety rules with you before we begin.


We will deliver materials in your driveway nearest your garage (unless directed otherwise), schedule local inspections and ensure city code compliance. Our project manager will oversee the entire process and always available to answer any questions.


We will provide protective covering for your landscaping, pool, and patio prior to the removal of your existing roof (when needed), remove and haul off old shingles and debris.


The foundation of your Roof System (underlayment) is installed horizontally from one gable end to the other gable end, and never cut short.


The standard 3-tab starter row is easily unzipped and blown off a roof during high winds. Therefore, we provide a free upgrade to a top quality Starter Strip: The Secret to Improved Wind Performance.


Proper nailing is the key to a quality Roof System. We install pre-selected shingles according to manufacturer’s instructions and code requirements, and properly nail every asphalt shingle roof system. We never take shortcuts or cut corners.


Our roof installers will continuously remove roof debris throughout the roofing process. We deposit all debris into our disposal container throughout the roof installation. We will also sweep the property with magnets to collect any nails that may have hit the ground.


ROOF VENTILATION (Ridge vents, soffit vents, turbine vents). Proper roof ventilation leads to longevity of shingles, while improper roof ventilation decreases life expectancy. Manufacturers’ warranties can be voided if the roof system is not properly ventilated. This is the ideal time to upgrade your attic ventilation system. However, please be advised that your insurance carrier will not pay for upgrades, so roof ventilation upgrades will be an added expense.

Indications that your attic might have a ventilation issue include wet or compressed insulation, rusty nails or rust spots that dripped onto your insulation, blackened or buckled sheathing, mold or mildew inside your attic, curling or cracking shingles, uneven snow melt, and icicles at the roof edge. We always suggest incorporating a combination of intake and exhaust vents for maximum efficiency. Please refer to airvent.com for more information.

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