What is a Flat Roof?

Any roof with a slope lower than 2:12 (i.e. 2-inch height for every 12 inches across) can be considered a flat roof. While not the most popular choice in residential areas, a flat roof is much more commonly observed in the commercial sector. This may be because a flat roof offers a much greater usage space. This space can be utilized as a patio area or installation of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system.

Things to keep in mind…

One of the most pertinent problems with a flat roof is that the lack of slope does not encourage snow and water to slide off the roof. This results in water getting accumulated on the roof and gradually deteriorating your roof. This accumulation of water is known as water ponding. Water ponding should be treated as soon as observed as this problem only increases over time; if left unchecked the damage caused by water ponding over time is exponential.

In a state like Texas, which has a humid climate around the year, unaddressed water “ponds” can lead to leakages and growth of microbes. That is why you need a reliable roofing Dallas TX company  like READY ROOFING & RENOVATION to install your roof.

While flat roof limits your choice of roofing materials from those commonly used on a sloped roof, there are a variety of materials that can be installed on a flat roof. Some of these materials are:

Built-Up Roof

Built-Up Roof is also commonly called Tar and Gravel Roof. BUR is the oldest type of flat roofing commercially available. This means that it has stood against the passage of time and passed with flying colors to still be so popular. BUR is one of the best roofing options if you expect a lot of foot traffic on your roof. This is possible as it is made up of multiple layers of plies with tar or bitumen and topped with gravel.

This multilayered protection also allows BUR to offer great UV resistance. Which is great for Dallas, Texas due to more than average exposure to the sun throughout the year. BUR easily offers a service life of 10-15 years with very low maintenance. Even when you need repairs, BUR can be easily repaired by a competent roofing contractor like READY ROOFING & RENOVATION. The only concern with BUR is that it is a comparatively heavy roofing option and your property should be capable of bearing such load.


TPO offers one of the most affordable roofing options along with resistance to mold and grease. This economical roofing option is lightweight and can be installed in a short time by an experienced contractor like READY ROOFING & RENOVATION. TPO also offers the highest fire-resistance rating of Class A. Despite all the benefits you must hire a reliable contractor while installing a TPO roof as there can be a great range in quality across various manufacturers

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is often considered an evolution of BUR. It is one of the best roofing options for places where the temperature can go below freezing as it easily maintains flexibility in that temperature. As it does not become brittle in cold temperature it is less prone to crack and create leaks. Like BUR, Modified Bitumen offers increased resistance to UV radiation and also allows for decent foot traffic without any risk of a problem. Modified Bitumen also offers high solar reflectance and can result in a lot of savings during Texas summer.

Metal Roof

While a very popular choice for a sloped roof, metal can also be installed over a flat roof. It must be kept in mind that metal offers a much shorter service life on a flat roof when compared to a sloped roof. A metal roof is one of the preferred roofing options for Texas as its high solar reflectance means reduced power bills in summers. While on a sloped roof, metal can offer a service life as great as 100 years, metal is estimated to last for 30 – 40 years on a flat roof without any problems if the roof has been properly installed. The most common problem with metal on a flat roof is rusting. As the water does not get the slope to slide off, it accumulates and over time causes corrosion on your metal roof. Despite this metal roof can be a great roofing option in Texas due to its high wind and fire resistance.


EPDM is generally considered the cheapest roofing option available. Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer or EPDM is completely recyclable and offers decent resistance against foot traffic. You should keep in mind that EPDM is quite prone to puncturing in later years due to shrinkage and brittleness that comes over the years. Traditional EPDM is black and absorbs a lot of heat, making it undesirable for a hot state like Texas. You can also find EPDM in different colors nowadays, but these come with increased costs.