People often think of painting as something just having a cosmetic impact on your house. While this true to an extent, a properly done paint job by Dallas Painters on a structure also adds another layer of coating. In the analogy of roof being the hat of the house and siding its coat, paint is often considered just the cosmetic makeup – but it is not! Painting is the cream that you apply so that your skin does not get sunburnt or become dry and cracked in extreme weather conditions.

Importance of a well-painted house

While a fresh coat of paint will surely increase the curb appeal of your property and increase its resale value by displaying the best features of your property, that is only part of the reason to get a new paint job. The additional coating also acts as a buffer between the elements and your property. This extends the life expectancy of your house. A professionally painted house is better equipped to handle the extreme weather of Texas.

A properly done paint by a professional Dallas roofing company like READY ROOFING & RENOVATION is not just applying the paint. The painting job also requires repairing and priming your walls before the application of the paint. This prep work is a crucial but often ignored part of the painting. Even the best paint would not properly stick to the walls if they are not primed. A damaged wall also needs to be repaired to perfection before applying the paint coating. Otherwise, the fresh coat would be unable to cover up the damages and all the money spent on the paint job would not be properly utilized.

READY ROOFING & RENOVATION – The Company of Your Choice

READY ROOFING & RENOVATION is a fully licensed and insured company working in the DFW Metropolitan area since 1971. As one of the oldest and most trusted roofing contractors in Dallas, Texas we are focused on community development. We help the local homeowners and businesses enhance the look of their homes and workspace with affordable and high-quality services. Over the years we have been admired for our punctuality and work ethic. We strive for a hundred percent customer satisfaction. We follow through before and after the project to make sure that you are completely satisfied before making the final payment.

The cost of our products and services are also completely transparent so that you know where your money is going. This level of transparency also ensures that we offer the best prices in the DFW Metropolitan area. With an experience of over 48 years and thousands of houses, we are especially competent to handle any special requirements. With such a long experience we are rarely if ever surprised. Our work goes smoothly and is finished on time. We have prepared ourselves for all contingencies.

#1 Commercial Painters in Dallas Tx

In addition to years of residential painting (exterior and interior), we have extensive expertise in commercial painting. It is crucial to hire a contractor that understands the importance of time while painting a business space. Our trained professionals are experienced in elegantly and efficiently planning everything out. This allows you to get your property painted in the shortest time possible while maintaining the premium quality that we are known for. We can guarantee you that when we paint your house, business place or apartment complex we will meet or exceed the industry standard.

Besides painting the interiors and exteriors of your property, we also offer various other facilities to protect and enhance the market value of our property. Your roof and your paintwork work in tandem to protect the internal structure of your property. As experts in roofing and renovation, we are uniquely qualified to bring your property to its best possible state.

How our process usually works

From the moment you call us, you will see the difference – Our award-winning customer service will guide you through the process. We will come to your property in a short time and give you FREE professional INSPECTION and ESTIMATE. If you choose to go forth with the renovation work, we will assist in procuring funds if required. We do this by giving our clients FREE insurance claim assistance or financing options with the help of various consumer financing companies. Then our insured, licensed, certified and trained experts will start the work. You will be consulted about everything. And if you like you would be told everything that we have done so that you are more informed in the future about the upkeep, maintenance and damage assessment for your property.

We ensure that our contractors are professional, friendly, punctual, and informative with their approach. Once we have completed our project we clean up the place (mostly we make the place even cleaner than before). When you are completely satisfied with the work we give you the final bill made via a completely transparent process so that our clients know where each penny is going. We also check up a few days later to ensure that everything is working smoothly.