Commercial TPO Roofing Dallas

Commercial TPO Roofing Dallas is one of the most sought-after single-ply roofing materials as it has the benefits of its competitor single-ply membranes – EPDM and PVC, without the disadvantages associated with both. While only invented in the 1990s, it can be found covering almost half of all flat commercial roofs.

Climate of Texas

Texas has very hot and humid summers, with temperatures rising to desert and semi-desert temperatures due to hot winds coming in from north and west. The hot and humid winds from the Gulf of Mexico only compound the problem. As Texas lies at the end of Tornado Alley, tornadoes are a frequent occurrence in Texas. Texas is also home to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

What Kind of Commercial TPO Roofing Dallas?

Due to the extreme weather of Texas, your roof needs to be sturdy and withstand exposure to sunlight if you do not wish to repair or replace your roof often. The roof of your choice should be able to withstand high-speed winds and be resistant to fire due to the high frequency of thunderstorms. Ready Roofing is trained to be great Commercial TPO Roofing Dallas experts.

Why choose Ready Roofing & Solar for Commercial TPO Roofing Dallas

Ready Roofing & Solar has been actively working in the DFW Metropolitan Area since 1971. We have been rated as one of the best Dallas roofing companies due to the professionalism and skills of our contractors. With over replacement and installation of over 1000 roofs, we are experienced in roof repair and replacement for every type of home or building. We provide FREE INSPECTION and ESTIMATE by specially trained professionals with experience and skills to find both current and potential damages. Our high ratings and awards from consumer websites like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor are testament to the fact that the satisfaction of our customers is our topmost priority. We also offer great financing plans and help with insurance claims to help our clients financially. You can expect complete transparency with our costs, thus ensuring the best price for our customers. As commercial TPO roofing experts in Texas, we feel that we should let our readers know some of the advantages and disadvantages of TPO.

Advantages of TPO Roof

As a Commercial TPO Roofing Dallas Professional, we offer Thermoplastic Olefin or TPO is composed of three layers. TPO has properties that are particularly suited for the Texas climate. Reasons, why TPO might be the best option for your roof, are:


In the modern economy financial burden of getting your roof repaired or replaced is a major concern for all business owners. One of the most common reasons that TPO has become such a popular roofing Dallas TX choice for both residential and commercial roofs is its low upfront cost of installation. This is a particularly important factor for commercial complexes that have a large surface area on their roof.

Mold Resistant

With frequent showers, Texas weather is a fertile breeding ground for microbes such as algae and mold. If left unaddressed mold is a major health concern for people residing in the affected building. The impact of mold is even more critical for children; with studies showing asthma and the presence of other breathing-related problems among children living in mold-infested buildings. TPO offers high resistance to the growth of microbes such as mold.


As TPO can be hot air welded at seams like PVC, it offers great resistance to wind. This also allows longer life for TPO when under exposure to the sun as adhesive-based roofing systems can experience loosening bonds under UV radiation and prolonged exposure to heat from the sun.

Grease Resistant

While all buildings require roof maintenance to get the maximum life out of them, some commercial buildings are more prone to decay without a lot of maintenance. For example, over 80% of food industry facilities experience deterioration in their roof due to the presence of grease in their exhaust fan discharge. TPO is a great roofing choice for such buildings as its resistance to damage from grease ensures lower maintenance and longer life.

Ease of Installation

TPO can be installed with comparative ease by an experienced and competent contractor. As it comes in wider sheets, they have less seams. This not only translates to quicker installation but also a sturdier roof. Quicker installation would also mean direct savings for you. While it is easy to install, any error while installing it will lead to a decrease in the service life of your roof. So, call a reliable and trusted contractor like Ready Roofing & Solar to get your TPO roof installed


TPO also happens to be one of the lightest roofing systems out there. This means less stress on your building structure, translating to less requirement for repairs.

Class A Fire Resistant

Certain chemicals can be added into the mixture while manufacturing TPO to make it highly resistant to fire. TPO

Energy Efficient (COOL ROOF)

TPO is such a popular choice in Texas due to its solar reflective properties. The TPO (which is traditionally white) maintains a lower temperature on your property by reflecting most of the solar heat instead of absorbing it. This helps the property owner in lowering their power bills during the summer months.

Some Problems with TPO

Short Track Record

As TPO was invented in the 1990s, it does not have a long track record of service life under its belt. While some manufacturers claim up to 30 years of service life for their roof, less than 30 years have passed since its invention.

Inconsistency in Quality

As it is a comparatively new invention, there is inconsistency in the quality of TPO roofs being manufactured by different contractors. Thus, you must hire an experienced roofing contractor who is knowledgeable about TPO roofing. As Dallas experts in commercial TPO roofing, Ready Roofing & Solar is the safest and most reliable choice of contractor for anyone thinking of getting a TPO roof in the DFW Metropolitan Area.

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