Commercial Roof Replacement Dallas

When does roof repair become roof replacement?

Your roof will get damaged over time. The extent of the damage will be a deciding factor on whether your roof needs repair or you would have to completely replace your roof. If the damages are isolated to specific areas on your roof, roof repairs by a competent roofing Dallas TX company like READY ROOFING & RENOVATION may be sufficient. But, if the damages of your roof have spread over a quarter of your roof, or if the extent of damage is very deep, your property may require a roof replacement.

Which roofing contractor to Trust

Roof replacement is a major financial decision and the property owner or manager must be aware of all the available choices before making their decision. Therefore, it is of prime importance that you choose a trusted and experienced contractor with solid references from satisfied customers. We are the best Commercial Roof Replacement Dallas experts.


READY ROOFING & RENOVATION is a locally-owned roofing company working in the DFW metropolitan area for the last 40 years. We have been awarded Angie’s List Super Service Award for our track record of high customer satisfaction. We have also been TOP RATED in HomeAdvisor in addition to being awarded the Elite Service Award by Home Advisor.  We are also ‘Preferred Contractor’ for two of the most trusted manufacturers in the USA – Owens Corning Shingles and PABCO Roofing Products.

As a Commercial Roof Replacement Dallas professional, we also offer complete transparency in our pricing system, so that our clients know where the money is being spent. This also ensures that we provide the most affordable roofing services in the DFW area with no hidden costs. Despite the lower cost, roof replacement can still be a financial burden on our clients. That’s why we offer great discounts of as great as $1500 on roof replacements. To support our clients and facilitate a smooth roofing process we offer various financing options with our tie-ups with various consumer finance companies. This can range from deductible financing when dealing with insurance claims or financing the entire project in non-insured cases. As a complete service provider, we also help our clients with their insurance claims. Just a glance through the reviews would reassure anyone of the quality help with insurance claims provided by us for our clients.

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If you are unsure about the damages on your roof, we provide no-obligation FREE INSPECTION and ESTIMATE by certified and experienced professionals. We also give a referral fee to our clients. So, if you are happy with our service and recommend it to your friend who ends up using it, you will get compensated for that reference too.

Things to keep in mind while Installing your roof

There are few things that each property owner should keep in mind when they are getting their roof replaced:


The uppermost layer of your roof acts as the first line of defense for your home. Whether it be asphalt shingles or metal slabs, your roofing contractor must ensure that your roof has been interlocked properly. Any error in this process exposes the underlayment of your roof to the elements. This can cause accelerated decay for your roof. The pieces can also come off and cause damage as projectiles under high-speed winds ever so frequent in storms of Texas.


Your roof should also be equipped with properly installed underlayment and insulators to ensure that your house is protected properly from the outside world. Texas can have a huge range of temperatures throughout the year. While the summers can be extremely hot, winters can bring with it freezing days. Any faulty installation of your underlayment can cause your roof to be ineffective in insulating the temperature within your property. This will lead to increased power bills and discomfort throughout the year.

READY ROOFING is a preferred contractor for PABCO, one of the most trusted roofing manufacturers in the USA. PABCO offers Respire Underlayment – this scientific breakthrough allows your underlayment to act as a barrier against liquid water, and at the same time allow water vapor to escape from below. This ensures that your roof is properly sealed and ventilated.


Ventilation is often ignored by incompetent roofing installers but plays a very crucial part in ensuring the long life of your roof. Proper ventilation ensures that excess moisture has a clear exit path outside your house. In case of improper expulsion of moisture, it can be absorbed by your roof’s support structure and cause wood decay, metal corrosion, and growth of microbial life in your roof. This is a sure-shot way to high maintenance and ineffective roof.

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